The T5200 was a “laptop” with an amber gas plasma screen. Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s a portable computer with a beautiful orange-on-black screen, and an excellent keyboard. The T5200 has a combination lock that must be set correctly before it will open. The T5200/100 model came with a 100 MB hard drive, which was unbelievably large for a portable computer circa 1990. There was no built-in mouse and it was expected to run DOS 5.0, 6.0, or earlier versions of Windows at the time. My unit came with a complete boxed set of 10 manuals, but somehow has a Cyrix 486 processor and 12 MB of RAM. Obviously, specifications at the time would have called for a 386 with 2-4 MB. It uses a standard-sized hard drive; the T3200 and T5200 were known for coming with Connor Hard Drives which have a distinct sound. These machines cost upwards of $10,000 new.


DSC_3169 DSC_3161 DSC_3157 DSC_3145

DSC_3141 DSC_3140

Bonus picture: Here’s a picture of the Toshiba T3200 (right), an older variant of the T5200. (The CL57SX is to the left). I no longer have the T3200.

Revised December 3, 2019 (Added new pictures – same unit)
Revised June 6, 2020 (Added interior pictures – same unit)

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  1. Simon Sanders says:

    I have just found my old T5200/100 in the loft. I don’t think I’ll bother to try to fire it up. If I remember correctly. I, too, fitted a Cyrix processor upgrade. I eventually retired it in favour of a Fujistu something-or-other which I converted to a Linux dual-boot. Now I don’t bother to buy computers and rely on friends and relations getting fed up with their old machines, providing a ready supply of Linux-convertible cast-offs.

  2. KERR says:

    Nice rig! Do you know if the machine runs at the 486 speed? Or is it capped at 20MHz?
    Also do you happen to know what RAM sticks are in your machine – I hear they can be picky so I want to look for supported sticks on ebay. Cheers

    • Jack says:

      I added some pictures (near the bottom of the post) showing the RAM and CPU. It looks like I have two different RAM types in my machine! The 2MB (x2) sticks use KM44C256AJ-8 chips, and the 4MB (x2) sticks use NEC 424400-70L chips. As far as the CPU speed, it does run at a full 486*SX* speed, as long as you run the Cyrix cache utility at startup.

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