Thanks for stopping by my website! My plan for this website is to create a repository of laptop pictures I take myself – including rare ultraportables, vintage luggables, and PDAs.

Coming soon (as of 18 Nov 2019):

  • IBM ThinkPad 860 (RISC-based RS/6000 laptop)
  • IBM ThinkPad 755CDV (screen w/detachable rear for overhead projector use)
  • SONY VGN-UX380N (4.5-inch laptop with sliding, backlit keyboard)
  • SAGER 5200PT (laptop with built-in gamepad/buttons, similar to GPD Win)
  • Poqet PC (MS-DOS handheld from 1990)

Less rare, but still coming soon:

  • HP 200LX (MS-DOS handheld from 1993)
  • Diamond Mako (rarer version of Psion Revo) and Psion 5MX
  • SHARP Wizard OZ-770
  • NEC MobilePro 790
  • IBM ThinkPad X32
  • Fujitsu P1630

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